Roy Stroh Custom Muzzleloaders
A step by step tutorial on how I inlet my oct/rnd barrels
I will start out with Barrel layout.. The only measurements I get are the breech height/width
and then at the muzzle.
Basic layout lines to start out from.
Having removed the waste wood I have found where I want to have the barrel centered.
Allowing enough room for the lock panels and cast off.
I am going to be using a router to help remove a bit of wood. If you do not have a router my
method will still work.

My outside vice with the router.. if its raining out I do the inlet all with hand tools if I can't wait.
My first cuts are with a 3/4" square bit..
Depth gauge showing I took it to my center mark of the barrel.
Next I use a round bit and take it to the minimum measurements of the thinnest part of the
Remove the waste....
...and this is what I have left.