Roy Stroh Custom Muzzleloaders
Track of the Wolf  Jacob Dickert kit. It has a 7/8 straight oct .50 cal barrel
and a Chambers lock.
"I got my Dickert this afternoon---only a few words. I was brought to
tears with the way the finish worked out. It didn't look like something that
came out of the box brand shining---sparkly new.  Instead it came out of
the box looking like it should---I think the finish is near perfect and the
gun has an aged patina and feel to it, that puts my other guns to shame.
The Dickert looks understated and thats perfect---no glowing shining
"look at me! I'm brandy ass new". I know that my running into you was
shear luck and I have truely benefited with the luck of that chance
encounter. You have my deepest thanks and respect and I will be certain
to pass on my recommendations to anyone looking for a premier builder.
Thanks and God bless Bob Riegl.