Roy Stroh Custom Muzzleloaders
"Run Around Sue"
The Travel Rifle.. Named "Run Around Sue" It sports a 40"
.62 swamped rifled barrel donated by Charles Burton,
Chambers lock, curly maple stock and brass furniture... The
thimbles and patch box were handmade by me. This is a gun
that is meant to travel and to go on many hunting trips and
shoots. I built this for my friends and special people to have a
turn at borrowing and using, Pictures and stories will be
requested from hunts and shoots this gun is used on, good and
bad. After many hunting trips it will be placed up for auction
and all 100% of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude
Children's Research Hospital. This has been an Idea I have
been thinking about for a while now and The rifle is now
completed, ready for use. It is my hope is sees much of the
Country in the hands of many different people.

There will be a separate page documenting the hunts and
shoots it shows up on across the Country starting this Fall.
The Journal
Contemporary Makers Article about this rifle